The “Barca” district was designed by the Bologna architect Giuseppe Vaccaro and was inaugurated in 1962.
The district develops around the very long residential and commercial building called “The Train”, which appears as the backbone of the entire area. On the opposite side of this road there are the main public buildings that determine three pedestrian squares. The residential areas consist of small buildings (2-3 floors). Along the road that connects the main inner street of the neighborhood with the external road network, there are six residential buildings with a height of nine floors.
Google Earth is a three-dimensional graphic application that allows you to view aerial and satellite photographs of the Earth with a very high detail. In the main cities of the planet, the program is able to show images with a spatial resolution of less than a square meter. Most major cities, including Bologna, are available in high resolution so that you can see the buildings, streets and cars.
Tetris is a logic and reasoning videogame invented by Aleksej Leonidovič Pažitnov, a Russian programmer, on 6 June 1984, while working for the Moscow Academy of Sciences.
The pieces of the Tetris are seven, and each of them is a “tetramino”, since it consists of four identical squares. A “tetramino” (from the Greek tetra-, four prefix) is a flat figure composed of four identical squares connected together along the sides.

Bologna 2016

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